Shop Safety: Working with Dangerous Thoughts

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Vox Day posted on “The insanity of Pink SF” where he quotes one SF writer, Jim Hines saying, “Masculinity can be toxic as hell”. You as a man, are a controlled substance. The mainstream has placed a neon DANGER sticker on your forehead and back. You are a danger to society.

You must be Neutralized!

Acids can be neutralized with alkalines. For instance, if you have battery acid seeping out the top of your car battery, just using some baking soda and water will neutralize the acid, meaning it’s not acidic anymore.

“They” want to make you not a man anymore. Maleness is mocked, ridiculed and shamed at work, at school, on TV, in movies, and probably even in your own home. Feminism is the baking soda they pour all over you to neutralize you and turn you into “not a man”. In other words a woman. Masculinity is a poison, a dangerous public health hazard.

Society won’t work without Masculinity

But here’s the thing. Batteries won’t work without acid. Actually a lot of things wouldn’t work or exist without the use of dangerous poisonous chemicals. That chemotherapy used to kill cancer? Poisonous chemicals. That’s why they call it “chemo”-therapy. Others have said that feminism is a cancer on society. This is true. Feminism is killing families and relationships, the very core of society. All the institutions that revolve around family society are sick, weak, and in some cases rendered useless.

Own the Label

They stuck a label on you as a warning to all others. Stop trying to peel it off and pretend that you aren’t a man. Neutralize them by owning the very label they placed on you. Agree and amplify. They can’t handle that kind of response. Their heads will explode. See the warning sticker above? ZFG – Zero Fucks Given. You need to train yourself to not give a damn what others think of you. This is a key “man skill” that you must have to be successful in life. If you care what others think about you, you will be like a dog chasing it’s tail, never able to please anyone, and never getting anywhere.

ZFG – Start Here! Start Today!

Your people, your culture, your family is dying from a lack of manly influence. Don’t be a coward, be what you are: a builder, explorer, risk taker, a defender. The person who gets things done. The one who can put his fear to one side and dive into danger.

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  1. Jimmy the Freak

    Great article. Something a lot of people need to hear.

  2. It is liberating. Of course, one then realizes how much work remains.

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