Is there life without a table saw?

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A new table saw is expensive, probably one of the more expensive tools you will buy unless you buy used. Table saws are great for cutting large sheets of plywood or doing a rip cut on a long board, but if you have a circular saw you can make a nice, long, perfectly straight cut. All you need is a really long straight edge to clamp to your piece.

Johnson Aluminum Cutting Guide

This Johnson Aluminum Cutting Guide comes in two 48 inch pieces that can be bolted together for a total of 98 inches. Plenty long enough for an eight foot piece of plywood. At $34.99 I’d put this in the “must have” list of tools. I’ve used mine many times in place of a table saw. Features include:

  • Heavy-duty, aluminum frame
  • Use with circular saws, sabre saws, routers, or utility knives
  • Includes a connecting bar and two 49″ pieces
  • Includes 2 C clamps and 4 thumb screws

Note that they mention it can be used with more than just a circular saw. You can use it with your drop router too to make a long perfect bevel cut.

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  1. Hezekiah Garrett

    Or do what I’ve done and mount the circular saw, inverted, under a table.

    Not ideal, but for the tasks luthiery presents, almost perfect.

  2. Photos, man! We are visual beasts.

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