Is Momentum Your Bitch?

Is Momentum Your Bitch?

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Or does momentum own you? This is a continuation of the section on focus. Maintaining momentum is all about continuing that state of focus to a successful end. In fact the end really never comes. I went on vacation the three weeks ago, and it was great. I stopped exercising, I stopped eating right, I did very little work on this blog and just had fun. But it came at a cost. It’s taken me three weeks to get my ass back in the routines that make me successful. Just like trying to push a stalled car, it’s really hard until you get it going. In fact, I’m going to just say that while I enjoyed the vacation, the personal cost to me in momentum just wasn’t worth it. I lost a month.

Momentum is a Bitch!

Whether it is with physical objects or your life, if you can’t keep the momentum going, then you are going to spend most of your time and energy trying to restart…if you even try. Restarting sucks, it take me more mental and emotional energy to get back into my system, my routines that lead to success. I know it’s the same for you too. Chances are good that you are momentum’s bitch right now.

Momentum Mindset is Key.

I wish I could tell you an easy way to get off your ass and get going. There isn’t any. You just have to tough it out, start and keep going. You will eventually get your momentum back up. What’s far more important is that your primary awareness in life is to keep the momentum going. It costs too much not to. You and I have to develop a mindset where momentum is something we think about and monitor every day. Some species of shark must move to get oxygen to their gills, those species don’t have the gill pumping features that most fish have, instead they “obligate ram ventilators”.

You are a Momentum Shark.

You and I MUST keep the momentum going at all times or the momentum will die. So in whatever system you use to maintain focus such as meditation or affirmations, you should add momentum as a constant area of focus so that you can guard against losing it. Increase you situational awareness to distractions so that you can avoid them or shut them right down. Everybody has a favorite distraction or two or three. That shiny thing that always causes you to veer off course to look at it. Those tactics work for little kids to distract them from something you don’t want them messing with. Politicians and bosses do it all the time in meetings with the “look, an eagle” ploy to get the audience off a topic they don’t want to address. You and I need to list out our common eagles and shiny things, and become aware daily to avoid those like the plague.

Keep Moving.

Don’t sit, if you need to rest and relax, meditate on your affirmations, then get right back up. Don’t rest until you go to bed. Don’t relax until your important work for today is done. That doesn’t mean you can’t have variety, You should mix things up, but they should all be things that are within your area of focus, things that keep you in your system going towards the things you want to accomplish. Also don’t confuse busy work with maintaining momentum. Busy work is a shiny thing. Drop it!

So I can’t go on Vacation?

That’s up to you, you’re not the same as me. Maybe you don’t have a family to be responsible for. My wife was a farm girl who grew up on one of the largest dairy operations in the state. Dairy cows are a 24/7/365 operation. To this day she works harder than most people I know, including me, so I have to make sure she gets enough time away because it’s her training to just keep working. For us, for my momentum, it is better to have frequent smaller one or two day vacations than it is to just take a week or two off. That is my plan going forward to keep the Momentum Shark alive. What’s yours?

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