Life ain’t fair. How to play and win on an uneven field.

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Life just isn’t fair. I was born partially deaf. Too my great disappointment, my son was also born partially deaf. We both have to wear hearing aids that cost $4000 for each of us. When I was a kid, I left my hearing aids in my pants pocket and my mom washed them. She cried when she found out because my parents didn’t have a lot of money when I was a little kid. Now I get by fine, except in loud restaurants, then I have trouble hearing what you say.

You have a story too. Life cheated you, or somebody didn’t play fair and you got screwed. Maybe it was your parents or your ex. Maybe it was your employer, or just bad luck. Everybody else is making it, or so you think. Things just aren’t equal.

An equalitarian is someone who believes we are all created equal. It’s in the Declaration of Independence so it must be true, right? Things really aren’t equal. Even in the Bible the only equality we have is that we are all sinners, and that God loves us all. But clearly some have more advantage than others. More skills, more brains, more beauty, more opportunities. The playing field of life is uneven.

How can you play and win on an uneven playing field?

If the Steelers always played on a field with a twenty degree slope, and they had the high ground, they might win most of their games. If the Cardinals were all midgets, they would lose all their games. If a tard goes on Wheel of Fortune, he will have lots of fun spinning the wheel, but he will lose. These people have no chance of winning in life, so what can be done?

If you are losing the game, change games. Flip the board, find a field that is tilted in your favor. Play a game where you are strong and your opponents are midgets. It’s called comparative advantage. Find a situation in life, where compared to your competitors, you have an advantage.

Throw away your victim badge.

Stop using your limitations as excuses. Victimology is a shameful and destructive mindset where you or I give ourselves a pass to even trying to get ahead. Instead we wear a big badge on our chests and say, “Well I could have been x, but for y”. You are not a victim. You are just playing a game you can’t win. Change games, don’t just sit there and whine about it. Ditch the loser mentality.

Stop squealing about “privilege”. White privilege, male privilege, IQ, looks.

It takes time and effort.

Your used to be the only midget in pro football. You always lose, and you never get picked to play anymore, but at least you know the game. Changing games is outside your comfort zone. You could be a star in the midget bowling league, but you have to take time and learn to bowl. You have to find the midget leagues and work you way up. But now you are on an even field. Now you have a chance. If you keep looking you might even find a league of blind bowlers. Since you can see, you have comparative advantage. The one eyed man is king in the country of the blind. Stop with the excuses and find your niche.

Fight the Levelers.

Equal rights, no child left behind, affirmative action, modern education. They are all levelers and in their blind ignorance to make things fair, they destroy society by lowering the bar. Excellence is forbidden. Competition is evil. Whether it is in the marketplace or school, leveling hinders the best, the ones whose contributions would have lifted us all, and it gives false hope to those trying to make it outside their level of competence. The levelers are busy flattening the field and getting rid of all the square pegs and square holes. They are busy making everyone a college student instead of diverting some into successful careers in the trades. They destroy the curriculum to teach down to the lowest IQ student. Levelers are destroyers. Fight leveling every chance you get.


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  2. infowarrior1

    There will be a possibility for even great odds imposed by genetics to be overcome too:

    This makes being a victim even more inexcusable.

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