Are you a victim?

Are you a victim?

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I was reading at Return of Kings today yet another article in favor of male victim-hood. Though to be fair the author isn’t fully on board with the male victimology that you see in many men’s rights activists (MRA). I posted there that any whiff of this should receive the flamethrower.

No reasonable person would deny that the lives of men and their families have been ripped apart by a legal and societal system that is anti-masculine. I’m certain it is gut wrenching and devastating. If those men wish to become activists against that system then more power to them. What I often find though is that the only scrap of meaning that they can cling to is the wrong done to them. What drives them is a negative, and to stay driven in the MRA cause they must dwell on the wrong that was done to them.

This kind of negative energy can certainly drive a person to accomplish much, but at what cost to them personally? A life filled with hatred and bitterness and all the attendant health issues from that kind of mindset is not something to be desired. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) swearing off female companionship for life?

It’s my personal nature that if I find an obstacle (or disaster) in life to crawl over it, go around it, dig under it, or blow it up, and if none of that works to find a different path altogether. Right now I’m reading Ivan Throne’s new book “The Nine Laws“. In the forward he details the intense personal and physical struggles he faced as a child and how he overcame them. How his family encouraged him to let the devastation shape him instead of cripple him.

It’s the feminine nature to coddle and protect, to kiss the boo boo and excuse personal responsibility. So as we live in a feminine society, even men screwed over by that same society, take a feminine response to it. They coddle each other and excuse personal responsibility to move on. I’m not saying they were personally responsible for what happened to them, but that they are personally responsible for how the respond to it. Most people react rather than respond. It’s the prerogative of a thoughtful man to chose a response to a horrible wrong, rather that to just react in pain and confusion.

Burn it with Fire!

The only reasonable response is to take the flamethrower to that kind of victim thinking. For some of you it’s going to be a step by step process to walk out into the light enough that you see the chains of victimhood on you. Others will have to find a positive source of motivational energy to replace the negative one. Some of you may find that you need to avoid the MRA movement like an alcoholic avoids the bars. There is still a place for your positive energy in what I call the alt-male movement or what others call neomasculinity. What that looks like is rising from the ash heap, putting on new clothes and rediscovering the joys of being a man in spite of the current culture. What better way to say “fuck you” to the person who burned the house down than to move on and excel in life. It will certainly be noted by your children.


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