You will be addicted to this!

You will be addicted to this!

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Do you think someone can make you an addict? I’m betting you said no, but the truth is we can all be addicted to something whether it’s crack or the ESPN Sports Package, or our cell phones.

The bigger question is how is it that you and I get hooked on something by someone else?

Drug pushers will offer free samples to potential victims. Once they get hooked, they will pay anything and do anything to get the next fix. A pusher might break down the resistance barrier by offering milder drugs first, since many people might not want to jump straight to heroin and needles.

Addiction can be a good thing. Do you think it is wrong to be hooked on truth, justice or mercy? Are you strung out on life right now? Need something different? Is life kicking you in the balls? Then, I have something for you. A gateway drug to a better life. A small free sample just for you of a much bigger supply coming soon.


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